Hi guys, welcome to your Monday whites by Mife. This is the end of my white series and to be honest I loved it. It was actually quite interesting because I really don’t wear white that often so having this challenge was lovely and brought me out of my comfort zone.

Today I want to discuss my opinion on Emily’s bralette issue with Thomas cook. The beginning and end to what happened are that women should be able to wear whatever they want to in 2019, as far as you are not in your panties in a plane then I think you are totally fine.

It is totally unfair that men can wear shorts and vest that show their body but women can’t, I bet that if a man is even topless no one would say anything about it to him. This one-sided mindset needs to end. To me, she wasn’t dressed so bad that someone had to come and speak to her about it. She was wearing high waisted trousre which helps to cover your midriff what else do they want? If she was wearing shorts, then I could have said maybe it was too much.

What is most annoying isn’t that she was told to wear a sweatshirt is the way it was said. You can’t just order someone like a child to put on a sweatshirt. As far as her nipples were not out, (in my opinion), it is her body and she has the right to wear whatever she deems fit or appropriate.

As for the lousy man that was cursing her, he has no manners.

Although some people would feel that she should have just worn her sweatshirt to avoid any issues, I can understand it would have been easier that way and would have saved everone from the time wasted but to be honest someone needs to speak for women and make a point.

If she was wearing a bralette to Dubai or Morroco then I would have had an issue with it because I believe people should appreciate other people believe and respect it. To me, that would have been inappropriate.

The airline said it’s policy states customers wearing ‘inappropriate attire’ which includes ‘items with offensive slogans or images’ would ‘not be permitted to travel unless a change of clothes is possible’.

This is the policy of the company, the word inappropriate attire is quite a vague one, what one person deems as inappropriate might not be to someone else. I felt she was embarrassed for no reason. If I was the one I would probably have worn my jacket after the hostess came over to speak to me but I love strong people and I am happy she stood up

What did you guys think about what happend to Emily and Thomas Cook. share your thooughts below


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