Hi guys, welcome to your Monday dose of Mife, on Manierabydale. It’s a week to Christmas!!! Although this week is going be a deadly one for me I still can’t wait. 


let’s talk about this venue, Departure lounge. I came across the place and I fell in love with it. It has a classic and the interiors were mind-blowing. I love that the whole place was black and white but also had a touch of colour everywhere. I had a cup of coffee here and some cake and it was lovely. The coffee shop has this calmness in it and was very inviting. The background music was Jazz which made the environment further calming. For anyone willing to visit the place is very close to the train station and it has clear wall and windows which helps to bring in so much light to the place. 

My love for satin keeps growing and what other way do I have to show this than to wear a whole outfit of satin. I had these satin wide leg pants and wanted to pair them with the most perfect shirt but I wanted it to also have some print on it, to tie the look together and viola I found these baroque shirts and it was a match made in heaven. I love the baroque print, it shows elegance and wealth and thats how this look was born. 


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