Bizzare Fashion Trends I love and Dislike

Hi guys, welcome to your Monday dose of Manierabydale. Today I would be talking about some trends I love and ones I am not so in love with. I am a trend lover attimes but i ususally know the ones I jump on and ones I pass.

Hairy belly fanny pack: This is one trend I really dont understand but it is quite funny. These bags are meant to seem like a dads hairy stomach. I sincerely don’t know why anyone would want to a hairy dads stomach but well I guess it is fashion. What do you guys think about this trend, if you could get the hairy dad’s fanny pack would you spend your coins

Mud jeans: This is another trend I cannot wrap my head around. Why someone would want to wear a jeans that looks like it has mud on it? I really don’t undertand and guess what these jeans cost upto $400. What do you guys think about this ?

Extreme crop top: Not gonna lie, this is one trend I would try. Its obviously bizzare because why should a crop top be that short but on the other hand it can be cute. Although it seems like What was sewn with the material left from the tailors work shop its still a trend Iwould try.


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