6 ways to style a red outfit

Hi, guys welcome to manierabydale. Today I am discussing six ways I have styled red.

Like I said a couple of posts ago I actually don’t know how I started having a lot of red clothing until I had them. I just noticed that I was drawn towards red items of clothing for some reason which, to be honest, I am not mad at.

These are all blog post I have done and compiled together I hope you guys enjoy and Love it

BLACK AND RED: Is always a go-to colour combo. It is easy to assemble and has been a colour that works for many skin tones for years. Both colours really complement each other and I love it. For mine, I choose to wear a PU red jacket because its just so lush and extra.

RED AND A TOUCH OF WHITE: This is probably one of my favourite, while black deems out the red tones, the white enhances the red tones. It all depends on how you feel because with a touch of white it automatically can make this look be summery.

A TOUCH OF RED: Red and animal print equals a match made in heaven. That all I can say. Once you try it let me know!

RED AND CHECK/ DOGTOOTH: When you can choose to wear either white or black then you wear a mixture of both. Dont you agree that this is a chic look?

RED LINGERE: We all know the sexiest lingerie colour is red and every girl needs one. It just makes you feel elevated and sexy and to even make it more sexy, try wearing a lace one.


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